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RedSpade Racing (RSR) is dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts around the world. Capturing and sharing the passion of racing and track life through social media and professional photography.

We encourage riders to hone their skills on the track and ride safely on street.

Heading to track? Don’t forget your checklist!

We’ve all been there and forgotten something, we hope this list makes it easier for you to just get out and enjoy the ride.

Our track day checklist will help make sure you don’t forget anything again! Our list includes all the essentials: Paddock Area, Riding Gear, Bike/Transportation, Tools and more!

Download The Checklist Have some ideas to add to this list? Please shoot us an email.

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The Core of RedSpade Racing

The primary goal of RedSpade Racing is to help restore motorcycle racing in North America to its former glory and encourage motorcycle riders to support their local racers and race tracks.

RedSpade Racing shares the passion of riding through social media with daily inspirations and rider stories — both on and off the track. We encourage riders to ride safely and always wear proper safety gear.

RedSpade Racing’s fan base has grown in a grass-roots movement through our shared passion of “The Riders’ Journey” — the highs and lows every rider experiences on their quest for speed and personal growth.