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You can imagine my excitement when I got the call from AGV just a month prior to attend the AGV press release and test their new Corsa R and Pista GP R helmets on track at Buttonwillow raceway.

I must say that whenever these occasions arise to travel across the US I feel truly blessed and amazed. Of course it’s always a wonderful means of meeting up with friends from across the country and meeting new ones.

First of all ButtonWillow Raceway; it was my first time riding there. I must say it’s quite a technical and fast track. I didn’t get comfortable with it in one day and wish I had another, but I can tell you I loved it right away. It’s truly a fun and flowing track…except for turn 2…what’s up with that?! Lol! Regardless, even T2 became a fun challenge to overcome.

But to get to the meat of the deal here! I have to be honest, I really didn’t see how AGV could possibly improve their existing top tier helmet line. As it is I have zero complaints about my current Corsa and Pista helmets; yet somehow AGV managed to wow me again.

Tuesday morning we all met up at the track–a select group of Moto industry influencers, creative minds, publicists and racers. The beautiful thing about AGV is that instead of just sending us a product to simply review, they wanted us to have an experience; they wanted us to have an emotional connection of sorts and to be truly excited about their products. Hence AGVdayz was formed. Here with a plethora of motorcycles at our disposal at an amazing open track we were able to all create and share some great experiences. It’s more than just about the helmets (which are undeniably impressive). It’s about being a part of something bigger, a team that supports and believes in you, a team that is dedicated to safety and excellence. I can say that this truly was a wonderful experience that I will always appreciate.

agvI’ll review the Corsa R first since it’s the helmet I focused on the most:

Corsa R:

The Cosra R comes in 4 different shell and EPS sizes and is composed of Kevlar carbon fiber glass. The spoiler and interior are interchangeable. It’s shape is so aerodynamic that it makes the helmet feel even lighter than before when it’s on and under wind drag.

A redesigned interior provides your head with a lush and soft microfiber pillow that is super tight and conforming, yet once you’re on the track you completely forget about it. The interior liner comes with a new feature that allows you to flip it’s finish for comfort in either hot or cool weather conditions. It has also been redesigned to reduce noise by 29% compared to it’s predecessor. One of the most amazing things about this helmet is you feel like you’re not wearing a helmet at all. Another reason for that is its improved wide viewing angle—190º side to side and 85º vertical. I can’t even begin to stress how amazing the vertical view is when you’re on a very elevated track or in the mountains.

The visor has been thickened for extra safety, has a pin-lock of course and now has an improved visor lock. I experienced virtually zero fogging even under heavy breathing . Also having tear offs came in handy. The ventilation was second to none with a completely redesigned intake for air flow. You can control as much or as little air flow as you would like. I had it open to the max and even though I felt a strong refreshing current, it didn’t hurt or dry out my eyes—felt really amazing.

Safety wise AGV is really exceeding standards in the G force head injuries department. It also now comes with a safety quick release system to help release the cheek pads in a serious crash without injuring the neck.

MSRP: $799-$999

agv helmetPista GP R:

The new redesigned Pista GP R is basically the same as the Corsa R but refined for those that want the exact standard in a race helmet that the top racers in the world use. It is the exact same helmet that Valentino wore this season which he was essentially developing and testing with AGV.

A few small differences are the fact that the shell is made of carbon fiber. The newer spoiler makes a 4% aero improvement and actually improved Vale’s speed in the straights. The vents are made of metal to add structural strength to the helmet.

The interior had been redesigned and has internal “rabbit ears” that allow for full flexibility in the most optimal fit and feel (this liner is non reversible though). There is also a drinking tube which is already pre-installed to tap into you camel pack in your suit.

MSRP: $1399-$1599

So you may be wondering which helmet is right for you and is the Pista worth the extra $$. I believe both helmets are spectacular and leading in the industry under safety and design. The Corsa will suit all your needs whether you carve the canyons, ride track or race. If you want the exceptional splendor and reputation of owning a helmet that top riders of the world wear then look no farther than the Pista GP R. It’s beauty is matched by it’s stunning attention to detail and execution. Both helmets are made in Italy.


Photography Credit: Evoake