Wiping the sleep from my eyes – I hazily check my phone – Monday, 10:30am – YAY for sleeping in!

Having just returned to Houston from our Mini-moto adventures – I’m glad today is a chill day. Over the last 48 hours, Anna and I have been on the road for over 1500 miles with only a few hours rest.

10:50am – I get a text from Kris from the other room – time to get some Sushi!

Kris had pre-arranged a lunch meeting with the KK47 Photo/Video Team at Umami Grill & Sushi in Magnolia TX – about a 47 min drive*.

*Side Note: Since the beginning of my stay in TX, I’ve noticed the number 47 appearing in and on everything! From me checking time on my phone, estimated travel times, exits I have to take, lap times at the track and more. I don’t know if it’s just something that happens much like once you get a new bike or car, you suddenly start to see them everywhere. But, whatever the case, it’s certainly the way of life around the KK47 household.

Umami’s decor blends traditional Japanese styling with motorcycle and movie memorabilia accents Behind the bar stood a few models motoGP replica bikes, a model Storm Trooper on a Speeder bike and Kaneda’s motorcycle from an old favorite anime of mine, AKIRA. Along the wall was a signed knee puck from Nicky Hayden, a Colin Edwards, Sr autographed poster and a few scratched up pucks from Krazy Kris’ race from COTA the year before – this is definitely my kind of place.

Over our delicious lunch, we collaborated on a plan of attack to cover everything going on around the KK47 race team in Austin. Our goal while in Austin is to cover the MotoAmerica round from the Privateer class of racer. We want to share the ups and downs of racing in the premier American class of motorcycle racing. It’s not always fun and games, and we know this – which is why we have to spend the time to plan our roles, and piece together an overall script to ensure we still get the shots we need when things get crazy.

As I take one last sip of my afternoon coffee, and now with business out of the way — we could finally catch up and watch the Argentina MotoGP race. Anna and I have been dying to watch since the week before and had to stay off social media as much as possible to avoid any spoilers. Coincidentally, the owner of Umami hadn’t watched the races yet and graciously invited us over to to watch with him at his home — what a cool dude!

Returning home later that evening, Kris and I were tasked with a little bike prep to get the CBR 250Rs ready for MSRH (Motor Speedway Resort Houston). Kris (aka – Koach Kris) to the riders in his school is building a fleet of 250s and maybe some bigger bikes to help train kids to be smooth and fast. In the stable now are 3 CBRs, one of which is Anna’s first street bike – converted track. While two of them are completely stock – the third is fully track set. Exhaust, upgraded brake lines and front rotor, suspension and power commander – this bike feels a little more track like – especially when winding it out into the corners.

Over a beer (as all proper bike work should be done at home) Kris and I swapped parts on the bikes – giving us each the best combination to fit our individual needs. I get he suspension works to hold my heavy ass off the ground, while Anna gets reacquainted with her old trusty Brawp Donkey with higher rearsets. Kris gets the stock setup since he has the skills to manage a bike that’s otherwise not the easiest to ride fast.

With the sun setting on day 2, the truck and RV are loaded and ready to hit the road. We turn in for the night and sit down to some tasty home-cooked chicken noodle soup and great conversations with new friends.