So another amazing MotoGP event has come and gone; This would be my 6th GP event that I’ve attended, I believe. They are always filled with wonderful memories that revolve around friends and family. MotoGP is now sacred at our house and as a ritual we always stream the event, preferably after a great ride in the mountains lol. This year’s event was no less spectacular…actually I believe it was bucket list worthy.

While my blood family was not able to attend this time, my new moto family was there every step of the way to share in the excitement. It’s amazing how sometimes things just fall into place and work out perfectly, this weekend was one of those times.

Friday and Saturday were very busy for Mr. Spade and myself as we were running around from corner to corner trying to capture as much as possible. In the evening we met up with friends from across the states; some that we’ve met before at other GP events, and some that have never been and came all the way out to meet us and watch the event. Saturday night as I sat at a massive table at the back of Claddagh Irish Pub with 9 of these wonderful people, at some point in the night I leaned back to take it all in and started to tear up. Looking around everyone was excitedly engaged in riveting conversation. Most of these people have never met each other. They were there all together, open and joyous chatting as if they knew each other for a long time. I can not remember the last time at any given party or gathering that I felt such heartfelt honestly and excitement from everyone. As the beer poured, everyone regaled stories of their moto experiences, places they’re ridden, challenges they’ve faced and knowledge they’ve gained. It seems that everyone at the table had come together thanks to this wonderful thing we refer to as bikelife.

And so the night continued with more of the same as we made our way down Meridian Street and enjoyed the sights and sounds of Motos on Meridian. Truly amazing as hundreds of bikes from all walks of life and make stood on display for everyone’s visual pleasure. Even then we still continued to run into more people we’ve met online and engage in conversation.

Sunday I had the opportunity to hold an umbrella over Anthony West’s head. I’m no model and certainly never thought of being a grid girl–not really my thing, however the notion of being able to experience what the grid looks like next to a moto2 bike is just un-passable.  I LOVE this sport. And when the surprise came Sunday morning I was actually very nervous and bewildered. So there I am in the garage just staring at everything, camera in hand, wide eyed like a child on Christmas morning in front of a mountain of presents. I mean literally giddy with excitement to be there and take it all in. I was too nervous and just distracted by everything to really ask all my questions, not to mention I didn’t want to distract Anthony too much. However I did barrage him along with his mechanics for a little bit 😛 They were all so nice, and Anthony himself is very humble and down to earth, another reason why I was honored to be his umbrella girl.

Of course the big accident at lap 3 had everyone scrambling on end. I’ve never seen anything like it. Just amazing how well the team worked together to replace broken parts and got everything in working order. I was also amazed at how calm Anthony was, or at least it seemed. At that moment I felt absolutely terrible and in the way. So I just tried to stand in the corned and observe….with my iphone on of course 😉 Within minutes they were off again. Fortunately Anthony finished in 9th place which I thought was awesome–he did seem much happier after the race lol.

Amongst taking photos, getting to meet so many new people and just being at a place I truly love, this was an epic adventure, definitely crossing this one off the bucket list. I know for many people this isn’t anything special. Photographers attend races all the time. Umbrella girls and models get to wander around garages like it’s nothing. People that can afford it, pay for the experience. To most it’s nothing special…but for me it was a culmination of so many wonderful experiences that I must admit I’m overwhelmed. And to be there and share this with my friends is beyond awesome. I feel the new connections I made will always be remembered and the old connections strengthened. Thank you to all who approached me this past weekend and made my trip unforgettable. Much love, respect and braaaaaap!