As many of you know May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

You all know that I’m a big advocate for safety and with the overwhelmingly large number of accidents lately I just wanted to remind everyone about the importance of riding defensively. Please remember that car drivers are not used to seeing us and are subconsciously looking for larger objects such as other cars.

Yes I know they should think about us [motorcyclists] as well, but the truth is we are a minority and just not as common. Also remember that we are faster than cars, our perception and awareness is heightened on a bike–not so much for car drivers. They have time to eat, talk and daydream. So please remember that it is OUR responsibility to not do anything that may endanger us–drive defensively.

Whenever I throw my leg over my bike, as a rule of thumb I remind myself that I am not visible and that everyone is out to get me, so therefor I must be alert. It is our own responsibility to safeguard ourselves so do it please. Stay alert, look ahead and don’t do anything abrupt that will not allow you or others time to react. I know how tempting it is the just blip around in traffic because it’s easy and fun on a motorcycle, but be mindful that the people you are ripping around have no reaction time to see you coming and are NOT expecting you. Also speed limits are so for a reason. Yes I know that no one on a motorcycle rides the speed limit…it’s almost impossible 😉 .

However, be aware that on blind turns and city streets you aren’t giving car drivers ample time to react if you are flying past or towards them. By the time they look around both ways and enter the street you could be there in the blink of an eye and they would never know it. So use your judgement please.

And lastly (you knew this was coming) gear up PLEASE!! I know it’s getting hot out there–I live in GA, it gets to be a nice muggy 100* here for 4 months straight. I know many of you ride without gear bc it’s simply too hot, I understand that. But there are alternative to full leathers in such extreme circumstances like mesh jackets and pants with built in armor. Just be mindful of your choices and respect your body.

Always consider your family and friends around you that end up having to care for you when you do go down. It’s your job to safeguard yourself as best as you can for yourself and your family. I hate to see fellow bikers hurt badly when some of it could have been avoided–it just breaks my heart. And please remember, this is a dangerous sport we do, not a game or fashion show. There is absolutely no logical reason to have to look like you’re going to the club on your motorcycle, let’s be real here–it’s downright silly. Just think about it.

Ride Smart. Ride for a Lifetime.

I leave you with this picture of @mr_spade’s leathers from 3 weeks ago when he low sided. Slow speeds, between45-50mph, hit some gravel in a turn on crappy tires and boom! Just slid out like nobody’s business, nobody saw it coming. Even the best of riders go down due to unforeseen circumstances. And it’s not a matter of if but when. So I urge you to please think about it the next time you ride and do your best to protect yourself.

Only YOU are responsible for your safety, no one else. So stop blaming people in cars and just open your eyes. Yes bad things still do and will happen but that doesn’t give us [bikers] the excuse to just blame everyone around us because they are in a larger vehicle. Thank you and have a great day my fellow bikefam. Love you all and wish you a happy and safe riding season!