2:30am the sound of my soft chiming harp alarm goes off…except that I don’t even hear that over Steve’s loud peeping noise.

It jolts my body and nervous system like a screeching child screaming in my ear. I roll out of bed far beyond groggy and feeling sick to my stomach—my body is wondering why on earth it’s up so early and being forced to function. Honestly it wouldn’t have been that bad if it wasn’t for the fact that I went to bed just 2 and a half hours earlier. Steve and myself just got in to Houston at 8pm the evening before from a 12 hour drive. We rolled up to Kris’ house in our truck packed to the brim with gear and our 2 bikes. Warmly welcomed by Kris and his girlfriend Kim I could already tell this was going to be a great week!

So the evening starts off with some great Mexican food and solid Texan margaritas—perfect after being stuck in the car for 12 hours. After that it’s a nice soak in the pool and off to bed. Of course 2 hours isn’t really enough but somehow we all made it work. Kris overslept a bit which turned out well because he was driving us all to North Texas Karting in Denton, which is a little over 4 hours away from his house. So we all piled into the truck taking only our gear and set off. Unfortunately sleeping was nearly impossible thanks to the bumpy Texas roads lol!

As we arrived at NTK we got to experience the track family of the south here in Texas. And these folks are truly track family! Everyone was super kind and laid back, it was a pleasure to be there. Since Steve and I don’t have any mini bikes of our own everyone was very kind in letting us borrow whatever we needed. The morning was a practice session for the afternoon’s Texas Mini Grand Prix 4 hour endurance race. I tried riding a SSR125 for a little while but I gotta be honest—I was incredibly uncomfortable. I think it was the combination of the little bike being immensely twitchy and not having any front breaks—it really unnerved me. However what I did notice from my few measly laps—NTK is a fantastic minibike track! The surface is great and grippy. The track layout is super fun and challenging—it has a little bit of everything except elevation; it’s really well laid out!

However Steve was able to use Allan Phillips’s grom which had a full suspension and fit Steve great! I was so stoked that he’d at least gotten to ride with Kris. Of course my second favorite thing to do it take photos so I pretty much did that the entire endurance race. I gotta tell you tho, watching those guys and a fair amounts of little kids, go on those minibikes was amazing. It’s incredible fun and looks so easy, but as I found out it’s not as easy as it looks! I’m still set on wanting to get a little 150 to train on and take to the Herrin Compound back at home.


So back to the endurance race…Kris actually part took in 2 teams—Kraze Kris! he rode almost the entire 4 hours and also practice. The two teams he was on were an NSR50 for team: “What, me worry?” and a NSF100 for team: “3KRacing”. Man he looked so good out there;  smooth and on it 100% of the time. Whoever said you need more power and a big bike to have fun is seriously doing the whole “riding” thing wrong lol! I’m starting to see a strong emergence in minibike and Grom racing—and that’s a very good thing! It lets little kids and adults alike train on twitchy little bikes that require an insane amount of control—later it’ll help them be capable of fully mastering the big bikes much faster. Not only that but minibike racing is so much more affordable and the risks are so much lower. it’s truly a win win situation!

The teams Kris was on took home 1st in class F7 and 3rd overall in F5 places respectively. As a matter of fact Kris’ student Scott achieved a new lap record for himself during the race! After such a fantastic day we all had to end it the right way; so the entire caravan of new friends packed it up and headed on over to the Dallas Forth Worth area where Steve’s uncle lives. Finishing off the day with some food and beers chatting it up bike talk was perfect. Most the males in Steve’s family ride so there’s always plenty of bikes in the garages and with so many racers there was a lot to talk about 🙂 Sadly the evening had to come to an end as everyone still had long rides home. We ended up leaving after sundown sometime, it made for an incredibly long and tedious 4 hour drive back to Kris’—to be honest I’m not even sure how we made it back lol—we were well beyond exhausted both mentally and physically. And so day 1 ends.