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| Born for the Track |

Finally got to run the Dainese Full Metal D1 gloves through a full test. They performed marvelously. These are truly top notch and have some amazing protection—same glove as worn by MotoGP riders.

The glove features Carbon inserts at joints and finger, titanium on the knuckles and back, distortion control on the pinkie along with a thermoplastic resin insert (it feels very secure and protected), Kevlar stitching, palm reinforcement and a very convenient single cuff strap.

At first I was concerned because they were super tight and stiff—like OMG it’s making my hand numb when I try to make a fist stiff. So I wore them for maybe 30 min while watching TV one night to loosen them up and also on the way to work the next day (in the car). I still felt a bit of chafing on the pinkies and ring finger knuckle the night before track so I took an extra set of old gloves with me, some band-aids and just prepared for some pain. However since it rained the next day the gloves got soaked and broke in beautifully (always remember to condition your gloves after getting them soaked and/or sweating in them). I’ve always know about breaking your tracksuits in by getting them soaked and wearing them; why I hadn’t thought of doing this with my gloves is beyond me! But it works great, making them soft and perfectly fitted.

I did 6 track days with them in just about all conditions and was quite pleased. They ventilate well but can be worn in quite cold temps—it was in the 40s °F when I went out last Saturday. Once broken in they give great feel and grip. I can honestly say I felt my wrist and palm were well secured in the event of a fall. So far I really like them and look forward to using them next season.

So aside from them being super tight and stiff initially, I really have nothing bad to say about them at this point. Remember to always buy gloves that fit really tight initially because they will stretch and there’s nothing worse than getting blisters from riding all day in gloves that are too large.

I love that they have a single cuff strap which makes fastening them much quicker than some other brands I’ve had before. The stitching is truly solid and mostly Kevlar so I hope the wrist strap won’t come off like on my other brand gloves. And of course they look bad ass if that’s you’re kind of thing 😉 I feel like IronMan in these lol!


dainese full metal D1